Schedule of Rates and Charges

Effective: January 1, 2023

Quarterly rates based on metered water consumption:

0 to 6,000 gallons $75.00 minimum
Over 6,000 gallons $6.75 for each additional thousand gallons


Bi-Monthly rates based on metered water consumption:

0 to 4,000 gallons $50.00 minimum
Over 4,000 gallons $6.75 for each additional thousand gallons


Monthly rates based on metered water consumption:

0 to 2,000 gallons $25.00 minimum
Over 2,000 gallons $6.75 for each additional thousand gallons


A $5.00 per month surcharge per EDU has been added to all sewage bills for the US EPA mandates.

Contract customers pay the rate of $6.25 per thousand gallons of water.

Other rates shall be established by separate agreement between the UAJSA and a customer who does not fall within the rate schedule set forth above.

All charges imposed on the UAJSA by the municipality, or any department thereof, shall be added to the billings of all customers in that municipality in order that such charges not be borne by all customers of the UAJSA.


USAJSA Connection Fee
Lateral connection to a sewer line of the Authority Actual time and material cost
Cost of all permits and inspections required by any governmental agency Cost actually charged to the Authority


Tapping Fee
For each lot or EDU based on the Capacity Component $1,500.00
For each lot of EDU based on the Collection Component $500.00


Payment of Connection and Tapping Fees

All such fees shall be paid as and when requested by the UAJSA.



Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) 

  1. When used in reference to a residential customer, shall mean any room, group of rooms or enclosure which is occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters for a person living alone or a family or another group of persons living together.
  2. When used in reference to a commercial or industrial customer, shall mean any building or complex of buildings in which selling or manufacturing or the rendering of a service takes place, either for money or gratuitously. It shall include any religious, fraternal,  or government establishment, any motel, hotel, or school. In order to continue to qualify as one EDU under this definition, the customer shall not have had actual or estimated total water usage in excess of 10,000 gallons during the previous four (4) billing quarters.


A Unit shall be the basis for the minimum charge for sewer service. There are three categories of Unit, Residential, Commercial and Miscellaneous, each being defined below:

  1. Residential: Living quarters which have either a kitchen, toilet, sink, bath or drain, any of which is connected to the sewer system.
  2. Commercial: Any office, shop, storeroom or other place of business which have either a kitchen, toilet, sink, bath or drain, any of which is connected to the sewer system.
  3. Miscellaneous: Any structure or part of a structure which is not defined in (a) or (b) above.
  4. Each two sleeping rooms in a building containing sleeping rooms, without individual sinks or individual kitchens but which have a common bath, shall be billed as  one Unit.
  5. The following a representative examples of other types of Unit:
    • Single family dwelling
    • Each apartment in a multiple unit dwelling house
    • Each separate office, store or other similar unit, either standing alone or forming part of a multiple occupancy building
    • Manufacturing plant
    • Public or parochial school
  6. Service for a Unit which does not use public water shall be billed quarterly, the billing based on the number of people occupying the unit multiplied by 40 gallons per day multiplied by ninety (90) days.
  7. Service for a Unit which is not connected to the sewer system but which has access to it, shall be billed the minimum quarterly rate, provided the Unit is  within 150 feet of the sewer line.
  8. The Owner or Tenant of a Unit may, if approved by the UAJSA and the supplier of metered water, install a second meter, at his own expense for the purpose of metering water used for lawn watering and other similar usage where the water does not enter the sewer system.


Miscellaneous Fees
All uncollected checks returned to the Authority $25.00
No-lien letter (single meter) $30.00
No-lien letter (multiple meters) $15.00 each


Delinquency Notice Fees
Past Due Notice or Reminder Notice $3.00 charge
Water Shut-off Notice $5.00 charge
Payment Plan Reminder $1.00 charge
Payment Plan Shut-off Notice $5.00 charge
Water Restoration Fee $100.00 charge


A customer who desires an adjustment or clarification of any of his billing may do so by making  such a request in writing or by appearing in person at the office of the UAJSA.